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Ike's Outdoors Review



OK, now here’s a glow in the dark product that really works. The company took an aircraft grade aluminum Tru-Peep by Fletcher and put a perfect coating of glow in the dark material on it. Simply charge it (shine a light on it) for a few minutes and you’ll be able to see your peep sight in any lighting situation.

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Tom Watson

“As an outfitter of bow hunting adventures we strongly recommend the Glow Peep by Fletcher Tru-Peeps to all of our customers and prospective hunters because of the dramatic increase in low light  visibility and overall ease of peep sight use in all hunting environments”.

Tom Watson – Ontario, Canada

Watson’s Kaby Lodge

Canadian Bow Hunting Adventures


Doug Stout

"Finally peep technology has caught up with pin technology. Now, I can hunt until the last legal minute with GLOWPEEP. In low light conditions being able to center up my pins in my peep is essential for accuracy."


Doug Stout - Missoula, Montana

DIY Western Big Game Hunter


Matt Dykes - Coon Rapids, MN


"Being a serious turkey hunter I travel all over the country and hunt out of ground blinds. Often times this puts me in low light conditions. Any experienced archer will tell you that the most important thing in a peep sight is that it lets enough light in and also that you are able to find it when there isn't much light available.

Glow peep is a product that gets the job done every time. It lets light in, is easy to see even in a blind, grabs your attention, and is not a distraction. It remains visible inside the blind but has no halo effect and it is just bright enough to grab your attention to make sure you look through your peep."