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About Glow Peeps LLC

In 2008 the founder of Glow Peeps LLC, Shannon Julian, was bow hunting from a ground blind. With about 15 minutes of legal hunting light remaining; one of the biggest animals he'd ever seen came in.  With the sun setting, and being in a dark ground blind, he couldn't see his peep sight and therefore could not take the shot. Determined never to experience this again... the GlowPeep was created.  After six years in business the GlowPeep product has transitioned from the old Fletcher Tru Peep to the advanced design of the Super Duece 38 Peep sight produced by Radical Archery Designs. 



The Brand New Glowpeep begins as a Radical Archery Super Duece 38 anodized peep sight. They are then coated with Glowpeep photo-luminescent technology for up to 12 hours of afterglow per charge... charge after charge.

A two minute charge or more from a bright (60 lumens or more) LED Light, or a full charge from direct sunlight can yield up to a 12 hour afterglow. For approximately the first ten to twenty minutes your GlowPeep will glow especially bright, but will quickly fade to a faint glow for up to twelve hours. This faint glow is ideal for hunting in first light or last light, and when your eyes have fully adjusted to darkness the GlowPeep’s faint glow is perfect for hunting in complete darkness.  Manipulate the level of brightness emitted from the Glowpeep by increasing or decreasing the charging time, or by using brighter or less bright lights. Available in 3/16" and 1/4" apertures.